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    ... but not basic like "He's so basic," basic as in "entry level." This is the equivalent of $1 per show. At this level you'll receive a laurel, and hearty handshake. And by that I mean a shout out on the next Thursday episode of SIO! And, of course, you'll gain access to the premium RSS feed and members only forum!
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    At this level, you're definitely not basic like those other supporters. This is roughly $2 an episode. At this level you'll receive all of the above, plus unlimited hugs if we ever meet. You really are making this show a reality. I hope you're happy with yourself!
    - $27 / 1 Month
    Yes, it's definitely not lost on me how phallic these support levels sound, but that's all the more reason to pledge! This is roughly $3 an episode. Thank you!! You'll receive all of the above, plus probably a lot more enthusiasm in your shoutout, because let's face it, you've earned it! Not that I wasn't enthusiastic for those other supporters, but there's an extra oomph for you that I'm sure you will hear in my voice! At this level, every time I buy a new pair of shoes I'll ask for your input on it. In the event of a tie involving a given shoe decision, I'll ask another supporter at random to break the tie.
    - $45 / 1 Month
    Alright now you're just flaunting your generosity... AND I'M SUPER GRATEFUL! This is roughly $5 per show. All that crap about the kids, PLUS you will receive a WEEKLY shoutout on the show!! This has a potentially unlimited dollar value. You're probably making money off of this. As if you need anything more, but I'll also throw in a stick of gum redeemable any time we're together and I happen to have gum. I'll even give you my last stick, scout's honor. But seriously you incredible and making this show a reality. Hell, 2 sticks of gum. *note, that gum that comes in little capsule things also counts.
    - $90 / 1 Month
    In the coming war against the shitlords, we're going to need Goon Squad Captains. This is roughly $10 a show. Seriously thank you so much for this level of support. There's a reason you've risen to the ranks of Captain. In addition to the stuff above, you'll be directing goons where to go and what to do as regards their gooning. Probably check out a book on basic gooning if you're at this level. We don't want to be caught with our pants down on this one. I'll also give you Tom Curry's phone number at this level, unless he says no.
    - $150 / 1 Month
    You're literally my best friend now. This is roughly who the hell knows per show, but it's somewhere less than $20 but greater than $10. All the stuff above, though I doubt you'll want that Good Captaincy since the generals don't dirty their hands with such things. You're truly a hero and you'll have top billing in the weekly shoutouts! Call me anytime and I'll help you move.
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